My Review of the NEW Anew Clinical Skinvincible!


Ok, so since Campaign 19 is about to kick off, I decided to review the Anew Skinvincible that is launching in campaign 21&22! First, I am going to list the product specs(what you see on the packaging and in the brochures)

Product is: Anew Clinical SKINVINCIBLE Multi-Shield Lotion with SPF 50! And, Anew Clinical SKINVINCIBLE Deep Recovery Cream.

The lotion: Combats wrinkles, protects from sun damage, nourishes dehydrated skin, and it is a lightweight lotion formula.

What is the key technology? Formulated with the world’s 1st patent-pending Smart Repair Technology and Avon’s most advanced antioxidants, to help repair damage previously thought to be irreparable and help protect skin from environmental aggressors.

In 4 weeks: visibly diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots that have accumulated on skin over the years. In 8 weeks: Repairs the look of up to 4 years of past damage.

The Cream: Targets sun spots, dehydrated skin, and wrinkles. Also formulated with smart repair technology and Avon’s advanced antioxidants. 

Results: Visibly repairs wrinkles and sun spots you once thought couldn’t be improved.

My reviews on both products!!! Okay, so, the lotion. First of all, it has SPF 50 in there, thought to be used every day before going out. I was skeptical because hey, have you ever tried applying makeup on over sunscreen(this has 50 in it) it cakes, runs, and just doesn’t sit right. THIS PRODUCT ISN’T AT ALL THAT! I was blown away how easy(if not more easy) my makeup went on my skin after this was applied! Its very light, non greasy, it moisturizes, and I think it helped my makeup stay on longer! It has no scent to it at all. So you sensitive skin girls….don’t worry! My face is horribly dry, then in the day it gets super oily. This cut the oil down, got rid of the dryness. The packaging is in a pump bottle form, so its easy usage. I give the lotion a A++ I will buy again once my bottle runs out!

The cream. Okay, so I am young, I dont have that many trouble wrinkles BUT I do however have sun spots and discoloration on my face and neck area. So yeah, I do use this product at night! But! It does target wrinkes for the ones that have trouble spots! Im not saying that this is only for the older girls! Its for every age, because this one pretty much does it all. First off, usual creams are heavy and when you put them on your face or neck area, they are thick and it feels sticky and like your have a 2nd layer of skin on your….skin! Not with this! Its light, scent free, non greasy, and again, A-OK for you sensitive girls! With me using this cream at night(you dont have to use it at night, whenever you want to) and using the lotion during the day I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin in just 1 week! The bottle is a normal “face cream” bottle blue in color with silver lid. I give this product A++

In Campaign 19, there is an offer on the back cover to purchase a trial bottle of the lotion for only $1.99! and to sweeten the deal, when you buy that trial bottle, I give you a $6/off the regular purchase price of one or both the bottles in Campaign 21&22! So make sure you pick up one of those trial bottles!

I really hope this post helped you, and if you have any questions, or want to order the trial bottle, let me know! Thanks for reading!

:) Megan


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